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I've written about for work, mainly to calm the fears that the general media hysteria has created.

It's a nasty bug, but there aren't any known exploits of it (outside of some proof-of-concept exploits that were done after the fact). It's not even a new bug, as far as that goes, a lot of network types have known about it for some time now.

The odds that it will affect anyone reading this are about nil (most of the big services that were affected updated their openSSL libraries before you even knew there was a problem), but changing your passwords is like backing up your data - a "best practice" that hardly anyone practices.

But to answer your question, I haven't changed any passwords due to Heartbleed, or the Target data breach or for any other reason than the usual reasons. Just like always. You're more likely to be exploited or hacked or infected with a virus or malware due to opening a spam link or downloading something you ought not to be downloading. Just like always.

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