"Heat", Magazine #5, 1972/The People Look Like Flowers at Last (1 Viewer)


"Heat", Magazine #5, 1972 (originally in Outcast, 1967)/The People Look Like Flowers
I liked the phrase:

[...] pour wine like
blood [...]

I could use an infusion myself right now...
I totally believe that Bukowski himself changed, "the tin-aired turtle of Mars' moon" to, "the summer sky." Totally believe it without question.

How any of you jealous pricks could even dare to dream that Saint John was responsible for something like that is a mystery to me. How dare you! How dare any of you question or cast your filthy aspersions on that beautiful, kind old man! You should be ashamed.
What Mr. Phillips meant to say is that he has absolutely no opinion of any kind on the subject of alleged changes to Mr. Bukowski's work. His neutral stance is based on lack of eyewitness testimony, hard evidence or corroboration, and the presumption of innocence until the proof of guilt is legally determined and established.
Hey mjp's attorney: "we're not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe."

As for the poem -- how the fuck is it suddenly 'the summer sky', it's been 'winter' since the 2nd line of the poem!

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