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Heat Wave on ABE (1 Viewer)

That's not "a Bukowski book," since the Ken Price art prints are involved. You can't really compare it to Bukowski selling numbers, and its value as a Black Sparrow book is just a small part of the potential value.
All true, and a posthumous publication as well. Still and all a shitload of money, and not an item often seen in the last few years.
I'd personally rather own a copy of Genius, but that ain't happening anytime soon.
That seller is one of those terrible megalisters that can be found on ABE. A lot of the prices seem kind of arbitrary, especially if you sort their listings by highest price and see what's listed for $77035.39. What's strange here though is that usually there has to be another listing for an item by an honest dealer for a megalister to be able to try and bogart the sale.
It used to be that one could fairly reliably price a book by taking 25-35% off of the abe price. Then it became 25-35% off of the abe price excluding the ridiculous outliers. Now it's evolved to you cannot do this anymore. How does one convince a seller consulting abebooks that 80% of the listings are outliers? By definition, they aren't, even if they are not reasonable.

I had a mild run-in on an ebay sale some 5-6 years ago and they cited prices on abe as to how I got a great deal on a book that had significant foxing. I tried, but could not explain to the them to the point of actually getting through, that their argument held no water. To them, their argument was firmly ensconced in a refinished swimming pool that was only held together by the fresh coat of paint.
That reminds of the time someone wanted to sell me a collection of Bukowski books, saying that 20% off the highest price on ABE for each volume was a fair price.

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