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hello all,
what we have here is Bukowski's one and only Heat Wave by Black Sparrow Graphic Arts. if you're looking at this, i'm assuming you know about it so i won't go into book details, except to note that it's a big, oversized extravagant production. condition: well, it looks pretty damn good to me. there's scuffing to the cardboard case, but nothing serious. i don't see any flaws on the book itself. everything is here, including the plexiglass slipcase. in the 7 years i've owned it, i've only handled it maybe 5 times. there are 3 copies on abe, with the cheapest 2, missing the plexiglass slipcase, priced at $550. for a complete copy you're looking at $1250! i'm asking $450 plus $15 shipping. my loss is your gain, folks!



here's a few more pictures:


this picture shows the way the pages lay. it looked like this when i bought it and i think it's just because of the way the book was made. it's not water damage or anything like that. any others out there with Heat Wave? since this is the only copy i've seen i have no way to compare.



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that is typical for this book. i've seen four copies, and they all look like that (all were stored in the cardboard box).

james- i REALLY want this book. i have to think about whether i can make it work financially, and if so i will PM you. feel free to sell it if someone gets in first, of course :D.
jordan, thanks for the info on the book. unfortunately (for you and me) it now belongs to another fine member of the forum.
strangegirl and rekrab, thanks for the typer compliment. i believe it's from the 50s. but my cat types on it more than i do these days (no joke).
roni, i'm not all that hard up for cash. i just have so many books around and heat wave is quite cumbersome. also, i wanna pass it on to someone else and let them enjoy it for a while.
bill and chronic, i don't feel i got ripped off. i just wanted to give someone here on the forum a fair price. the cardboard box was a bit scuffed and that was taken into consideration when pricing as well. anyway, thanks all and merry christmas!


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Cool photo's, and cool old typewriter! What's that on the wall? It looks like a black/white print of Black Swan's Buk-Georgia painting.
Great photo of Buk! I gather it's one of the signed ones.
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"The law is wrong; I am right"
I see! I think I need stronger glasses. :)
I thought it might be one of the signed Buk portraits. You lucky devil!
don't you mean joan levine? ;)
when i specified that it was the promo poster, i meant that it wasn't an original photo, but a poster...
i can't tell if you're being tongue-in-cheek or not. of course i was referencing the ongoing "controversy" over who took the photos that day.


Hi James,
I need to use that smiley-face-winkie guy more often!

Yes, I was being tongue in cheek, although I am on Ulvis' side of the story.

To me, it will always be an Ulvis foto!


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