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I'm Tom. I'm from the UK. I'm 29.

I've always had an interest writing poetry, but never done anything with it (other than a university course for a year... I dropped out... in my infinite wisdom I felt it more important to concentrate on smoking untold amounts of cannabis. Whoops.)

While I've always loved writing poetry (well, sporadically... it's been over a year until today when I wrote a few bits and bobs), I've never had a huge interest in reading it, until I randomly discovered a book of Bukowski's. I fell in love and regularly spend an hour reading through various websites of his work. I read Post Office, too. I loved it, but it didn't grab me like his insanely honest and poignant poetry.

So, hi! Hope you're all well. Seems like a great site you've got here. Look forward to talking to you all.



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