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Hi everyone, I'm glad I've found this forum, 'cause (yes, it is calculated :D) that's exactly what I need now - if you'd be kind enough to cooperate :)
I'm not Bukowski fan (though there's a chance I will change my mind getting to know his works better). Ok, to the point - I translate books from English and right now I'm working on Buk's bio by Sounes. You know a lot about his works and life, and I'd be grateful if you could answer my stupid questions sacrificing yourself for the idea of maybe not so much making Bukowski popular in my country (there are several of his novels and three poetry collections translated which are still reissued) but understood and more comprehensible.
Gosh, I'm really anxious about your reaction - I feel like an intruder :o

It's a temporary time-out (until Monday) that was given for a post I deleted. He'll be back soon, no doubt, with more interesting and insightful posts, such as the one above.

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