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I'm a big fan of literature and I've been reading Bukowski for a couple of years now. I've read South of No North, Hot Water Music, Love Is A Dog From Hell, Ham on Rye, Post Office and I just finishes Pulp. I own Women but I've never gotten around to reading it because the theme just dosen't seem to interest me as much as his others. I really want to read Hollywood next but I think I'm going to read some other books before I come back to Bukowski. Anyways, it's cool to be here and feel free to recommend me anymore Bukowski books to read or just any books period because I love to spend money on books that just sit on my bookshelf for years before I get around to reading them.

Oh and I've never seen any John Wayne movies.

Oh and I've also read part of The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship but I kind of disliked it. (I hope this dosen't make me sound like a prick.)
Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame is a great early book, which includes the books "Crucifix in a Deathhand", "It Catches My Heart In Its Hand", and "At Terror Street & Agony Way".
Or send me $200 and I'll send you a box of books for your bookshelf-win win
I'll even find ones that are your favourite colour.
I'm guessing blue?
You know zenguru, I always wanted to say that about your avatar as well, and always forget!

Oh and poor johnnywayney12, excommunicated! haha, that is classic!
You're the third person whose hunger has been aroused by my avatar.

And I'm sorry I missed the guy's exit. Usually I love a good internet meltdown. Was it at least popcorn worthy?
concerning johnwayne, eh, not much to see here, keep moving folks.

But anyway, I had in and out burger for lunch today and ya know what, it quenched my desire for all things hamburger for awhile. My parents invited me over for bbq chicken and pasta salad tonight, but hey the lakers are playing.... and when they're playing the only thing that pulls me away from that is buk.net!
What kind of burger was it? Specialty or regular? What was on it?

It must have been something to quench your appetite for all things burger.
It was simple, double double-animal style, with animal style fries and a 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 strawberry shake! And the mention of that, 2 days later, has me contemplating driving back there again, dammit!
Wow, shit! That is insane! Next time(probably today) I'm going to fake-order that at the window, just to hear their reaction! Then, maybe for the 1st time I'll order the 4x4, since I'm pretty hungry and have had nothing but cigarettes, coffee and one shitty corn dog today.
Go to Fatburger instead. The food is better and they'll put your picture on the wall if you can eat an entire triple-kingburger.
I did it! I have conquered the 4x4! It was about 4 hours ago, and I'm still stuffed! Probably wont eat till Monday, I just pray I don't have blood in my stools.


Geez, looking at this picture makes me want to drive right back! I'm addicted!
Listen you non-Californian bastards, IN-N-OUT makes the best "chain" fast food hamburgers on the planet, so you need to get over yourselves!

Now I'm going 4x4 next time I'm there.
No, more like best hamburger you don't grill yourself or pay $20 for at Musso & Frank. Slight difference there. (Oh, sorry, at Musso & Frank it's a Ground Beef Sandwich, and it's a mere $17.)

It's not for the escargot and caviar crowd, or the brainless twat lemmings paying $200 for six bites of some bullshit at Spago or the latest "in" joint in Beverly Hills or Hollywood.


Fatburgers and Tommy's I have always liked. However they both leaving me feeling way too bloated and sick when done. In and Out doesn't really do that to me, not even the 4x4, now speaking on 6 or 7 hours of experience.

also dissapointed I didn't fake order the 100x100 burger, but I was in Pico Rivera, and I've learned ya really don't fool around with natives of Pico Rivera, for fear of them shooting you, or at you! Or stealing your car, my mom had her honda accord stolen from Wal-Mart there, last year.
Fatburgers are just good old-fashioned hamburgers that use real meat and decent cheese. If you watch them cook one, they take a big fresh glob-o-meat, drop it on the grill, flatten it out and cook it... no pre-formed frozen patties. Not sure if in-n-out uses fresh or frozen, but the burgers just don't taste as good, which is not to say that they're bad... just not as good.

But you know what they say about opinions.

They make real milkshakes too. I once left a half of a MacDonalds shake in the cup holder of my work van for a week and it was still thick. That just ain't natural and, if you think about it, is a little scary. I mean, what the hell do they put in those things?
IN-N-OUT does not freeze their hamburger and slap you mouth for even inferring that. It is all fresh.

They are all very good people. In the 80s I use to sell them they sweet relish the used in their secret sauce. They wanted me to sell them the mayonnaise but the company I worked for was afraid of the pressure of a big long commitment. They were not millionaire material.
I got to meet the people at their warehouse who made everything for the restaurants and they were cleaner than in a hospital operating room. In fact a year or two after I left, IN-N-OUT switched companies for sweet relish because the company I had left was below their standards.
The very perfect hamburger. People from Europe faint from the perfection. Only in California you weak sucks.
Ok, so I'm not from the west coast. I did live there for a stretch but was entirely too poor to aford fast food! After all this hype and the photos of the burgers, I must say that In-n-Out sounds like a party in my mouth! I do however have a hard time believeing that it can in any way be more satisfying than White Castle!
Comparing IN-N-OUT to White Castle is an exercise in futility. Like trying to choose your favorite child. Sadly, we live in a world where these two giants of American cuisine choose to occupy opposite coasts of this great land.

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