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I posted a bit back in February, but have only been lurking since then. Well, I figured it was time to grow some balls and introduce myself...I'm L.T., and I just started reading Bukowski within the past couple of years. Ever since I purchased Run With the Hunted at a used bookstore, I have been on the hunt (no pun intended) for everything and anything Bukowski ever wrote.

It's nice to come to a place where I am not judged for loving Buk's work; he is the only writer who has the ability to make me laugh or cry with just a simple line, but for some reason he isn't taken seriously, at least not by the people I know. Oh, well...we can't all be on the same page, I guess.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to coming out of the shadows and contributing to the discussions again.
do you prefer the poems or stories?

My suggestions are:

Novel: Post Office
Poems: Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
Short Stories: Hot Water Music

All of these books are in print under the Ecco imprint and can be found at most bookstores.

Happy hunting!

The poems are my favorite (I often think the "real" Buk came out in his poetry), but I also like the short stories and novels. I've read all the novels but Pulp, and my favorites were Post Office and Ham On Rye. I haven't bought BIWDIF yet, or Hot Water Music, but they're on my list.
Welcome, L.T.! I found Buk through poetry as well. I like "Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way", "Flash of Lightning Behind the Mountain", and "What Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire."

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