Hello Bukowski people

For some reason I haven't thought of searching for a Bukowski forum. So my thanks go to bukowski.net for following me on Twitter at one mere mention of the great man's name and pointing me here. Honestly though, I talk a lot of crap - mostly. I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

Cheers! And nice to be here.

Bruno Dante

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Welcome. Incidentally, is your username based on a website where people upload their own 'niche' videos? ;)
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Hey, cheers Bukfan. Glad to hear it, piss on me anytime:). I'll try to join in when I can, just settling in at the moment though.
p.s I love Bukowski (surprise?). I've watched the tapes at least five times. Wish they weren't edited, six hours isn't enough. Read his books too of course. This man really speaks to me. Well, I think that's enough from me.