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I'm from Germany and i read my first book of Bukowski since i was fourteen , or
younger ? I don`tknow ?? It was "Notes of a dirty old man" ! With a lot of short stories . Excuse my words and languages ! "Big Bart " was the story , hahaha , i remember ! I laugh and laugh and fall out of my bed and my brother says , "What the F... you are doing" ,i steal that book from him and say , "Wow what are you reading !!!" This day i come in a Bukowskimanie . To this time it was difficult to buy books of Bukowski here in Germany i found out , but his writing
was so cool and truely for me that i search to get everything he writes to this time .And so i grab my pocketmoney and order it in one bookstore that i found ! His name was "Maerz 2001" , a good store where you can buy Underground , books , music and paintings . It must been 1976-1978 .
"Notes of a dirty old man " includes "Post Office" . It was a Sample Book with much of stories ,
over 500 pieces .
And still , i read his books every and any time , one of them ten times .
Tonight , "Shakespeare never did this" , a tour he did in Germany 1978 , with
a lot of photos from Michael Montfort . It`s amazing every time !
Here in Germany give it a website of Charles Bukowski Museum .
Anyway , it`s the best i ever read for over thirty years !
Hey , nice site !
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Thanx guys for welcoming me !
What a good site here ! The German sites are a little bit boring .
Talking over Bukowski and all of our lifes that`s great !
The German sites are a little bit boring .
Careful, the man behind one of those German sites is a regular here. He's a brutal motherfucker, too. Probably track you down and rip your pancreas out through your asshole. I wouldn't want to make him angry.
That`s good ! So he can learn here ! Haha !
I read Bukowski since 30 years , so what !
What will he talk to me ?
When he`s a brutal motherfucker , please ring my bell !!!
If he want to rase just name the place ! I'm a motherfucking cowboy , baby !
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The time here is 00:45 !
My horse is in bed and my cat too !
Must go to sleep ! Work sucks !
Hear you tomorrow !
Have a nice conversation !
Yeah, I AM a nasty brutal motherfuckin' hitman with a sadist attitude you shouldn't make angry. (usually I rip the pancreas out through the left nostril while ripping the tongue out through the asshole. sometimes a few broken matches stuck under the fingernails do it and people get the warning :-))

But the guy's right, that German websites aren't really kickass, including ours.
Only I don't really want to excuse for a site that has been made about 7-8 years ago, and only a few minor updates. Everyone is welcome to step in and work it over so it becomes more attractive and we can relaunch that fucker.

Hi cowboy.
You can put on your shirt again and relax now.
It's all joking.

A little cowboy joke for you

a cowboy rides into a small town, ties his horse to a post and walks into a saloon. He orders a few beers, drinks them down in a flash and walks out.

He immediately goes back in, kicking the swinging doors open and screams.
"Who is the goddamned rotten sonafabitch that's painted my horse's ass yellow and white?"

A very large man walks up to him, stares him in the eye and roars:" I am the one who has painted your horse's ass yellow and white, what do you have to say about it?"

The cowboy replies:"I came to tell you that the first coat is dry.";)
Careful, the man behind one of those German sites is a regular here. He's a brutal motherfucker, too. Probably track you down and rip your pancreas out through your asshole. I wouldn't want to make him angry.

Gee that sounds painful. And creative.

My name is Mather Schneider. I came on before but didn't introduce myself. I forget my manners.

Anyway I love this site, the collection of art is something I could look at all day, the manuscripts, a lot of work here...Incredible, really.

What got me to come on this time was because I was looking over the old posts of odd and hard to find Buk books and some of the nymark scans and it was a real thrill, even after all these years of being a Buk head. I have no collectibles myself.

And listening to Bill and the Harry and the others, the information and the memories are great, a real wealth here.

Love it when you call out counterfeiters of Buk signatures, etc. We've got expert testimony here, and all for free.

Just wanted to say I love the site and find myself tuning in more and more.


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