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My name is DeAnna and I own the original signed coy of the poem Burning, Burning. I am thinking of selling it as I could use the dough, even tho I hate to even think of it. I was wondering if anyone knows how to figure out what something like this is worth. I have the certificate of authenticity from the Bukowski Estate, I believe it's called.
Thanx for reading and i'm looking forward to exploring this site!
It's a decent poem. But I suspect it's a a computer printout, yeah? Those are the least valuable manuscripts. But there are still people who will buy them. They buy the printouts, they buy the Xeroxes...they don't seem to care what the substrata is.

I have to say though that a computer printout isn't a manuscript. Not in the way that manuscripts have been defined for the past, oh, 400 years. But again, people will buy it.
I have the certificate of authenticity from the Bukowski Estate...
You probably have a "certificate of authenticity" from Scott Harrison, who has nothing to do with the estate. But it's still perfectly acceptable. Best way to go is eBay, and what you get there will depend on which way the wind is blowing, but it should be at least $500.

I haven't seen many manuscripts up there lately, so it could be more than that.
It's a ... computer printout, yeah? ... it should be at least $500.
And then some people say the world we live in is not crazy. Stupid fucks.

P.S. My whole Bukowski collection (including translations) is not worth five hundred bucks. Probably.
It's not that I'm proud of it, just saying...
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