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Probably as many, I know this site for some time now but I didn't bother to register because I didn't feel like it. (Laziness? Could be.)

But recently I realize how much of a treasure this forum is, with stuff (like loose unpublished work or quotes from letters) that I probably won't see anywhere else, and passion and curiousity among many readers to talk about whatever it may concerning Bukowski. I'm glad that that kind of forum exists 'cause yesterday I had good time reading few discussions. Therefore, I'm happy to be a part of little community.

As for me, I'm a writer and aphorist, published some poems in literary magazines here in Poland; I've been reading Bukowski (read almost everything, except voulmes of letters) for years now and for about three years been translating and composing my own Bukowski's collection of poetry, just for fun for now, but maybe someday I'll try to publish it because we have three of Bukowski's here and they were very poorly translated. Well, they took order to translate it, so it's somewhat understandable, apparently not knowing much about author and contexts of his work.
I'm making it around 70 poems max, trying to get out everything that essential, both style as well as major themes and characters; The title is: "Corners Of Falling In Agony" (--in Polish it sounds better).

Well, that would be all. (I'm just trying to fit the rules, you know...;-)
good name - if memory serves, Gregor Samsa was in Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' and if not, I can blame the booze for faulty thinking. So....what is it in Polish and how is it pronounced?

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