Hello everyone...

Hi, my name is Achala. I'm 20 and I live in a really small town in the Deep South, so I read a lot in my free time. I just started reading But about a month ago, and he's quickly become my favorite poet. I was trying to find more stuff of his online and this was the best website for it so I thought I'd sign up and read about others perspectives/opinions on his work. From what I've seen, it looks like a young South Sudanese girl may be a bit of a minority in these forums, which made me a bit hesitant to join, but then I thought fuck it. I can enjoy Buk's work as much as anybody else, right?


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Welcome.The inclination for many when they "get into" Bukowski is to deep dive and read as much of his stuff and one after the other. The Buk will keep coming. Take your time (or not). There's a lifetime of work to enjoy.