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I'm Neil, from Scotland. Here is a little bit about how i came to be here;

I chanced upon 'Pulp' in a friends bookcase late one evening at a party back at the beggining of the year. There were lots of people at this party but that didn't neccesarily make it interesting, and so i took to exploring my friends bookcase. I had a quick flick through and something about the writing style really grabbed me...i just hadn't ever seen anything like it. I took the book home (with my friends permission) and the next morning, with quite a hangover, i started reading. Within a few days i was done and craving more. Over the next few months a picked up copies of Post Office, Ham on Rye, Women and a collection of poems, Come on in! I watched Barfly and Factotum. At the same time i was browsing poetry databases on my university's local network and browsing websites, such as this one to find out more about the man behind the words (although his writing did reveal a lot i suppose).

Anyway, something about B. intrigued me more than any other writer/poet/artist...well, more than anyone i've ever encountered. Finding this website, and reading contributions from several people who knew him or just know his work well has made my experience all the more real, and as his story was slowly revealed to me i began to become more and more affected by the words i read in his works. I would like to thank you all for contributing to my knowledge of B. and i'm looking forward to reading more of his words for the first time.


p.s it was actually my mother who gifted me a copy of 'Women', which always makes me chuckle when i read some of the more racier parts of it.
Welcome Nogg!

I started with a novel too, Women that is.
But its Buk's poetry that grabs me nowadays

There's plenty of madness to sift thru on this site so dig in!
You might wanna start here.
Thanks for that Erik, nice check list there. I'm looking forward to reading more of his poems. 'The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills' will be my next purchase i think.

Glad to hear it Gerard. I've just recently opened a nice bottle of this

Welcome nogg,
Once you have read all Bukowski's novels, then you get to his short stories and the poetry never fails you. There is so much of it and it never reads the same.
You don't know how lucky you are yet but you feel it, don't you?
Yes Black Swan, having enjoyed what I've read so far i do feel very happy about the prospect of there being so much more out there to read. Not too sure what my bank balance feels about it all though.

Hi Zenguru. Having not read Factotum, I don't know how the movie stands up to the book, but i did enjoy it very much. Matt Dillon plays a different version of Buk. to the one played by Micky Rourke in Barfly, i thought. From what I've read, Barfly has been criticised with making Buk. appear ape-like and not as intelligent as he was. Similarly, the decision to cast Dillon in Factotum has been critised because B. was far uglier than him, although he is said to capture the way he moves, walks etc. very well. No matter who plays him, it's not gonna be like for like. Factotum is a nice little study though, and parts made me laugh quite a bit. Well worth a watch.

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