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I'm torn daily to go homeless again
trying to forget the smell of the payphone
wanting to crawl out of mexicali with small eyes
Brownsville instead of Del Rio
Why is the thought always there
pair of levi shorts with lots of pockets, no brain bucket... who wants to wear a mirror to see the truck slamming into them, ??? accept the suprise of the air sucking you into the lane as the tractor trailer passes at 70.
The Most Beautiful Woman In Town And Other Stories/Tales Of Ordinary Madness
I need a small corner bar near the border to start reading again. I don't have a job and get a small pittance from the VA at 100$ a month. staying with a friend wondering when the madness will hit again. sell everything and wander. "obedience thru suffering" I suffer, suffer, suffer then obey for a while. Obey the laws of the garda, work to pay bills then dissapear .

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