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Ello everyone.
My name is Cristina. I've been a fan of Bukowski since my 9th grade honors English teacher secretly gave me a copy of Post Office... and i've been in love with his work ever since. Before reading Bukowski i loved wine, but now i lift my pinky up in his honor. I love listening to ill nino and Lamb of God but can't get enough of Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne. :eek: I'm a triple major and love all my 3 jobs that I do... yet i'm broke as fuck... But Bukowski keeps me alive. I know that was lame, but true. :) I look forward to this site and to read what others think about Hank. Peace.


i'm broke as fuck... But Bukowski keeps me alive.

Ask him to loan me twenty when you get around to it?

I wish my majors were that easy. :D I'm currently majoring in Marine Biology, Child Development and Music. Right now I work at an aquarium, I'm an after school teacher and I'm in a band & produce music for bands besides mine. I just helped out for a video shoot for Yahoo. That was fun... I couldn't decide on one in particular, so i stook with all 3.
I'd love to see a barnicle play double bass.

Seriously, executionstyle, I'm an environmental scientist, a part-time musician, and a developing child, so I can relate.
My son has a goldfish. It doesn't have any fingers so piano and guitar are definitely out. So whaddaya think? Drums? Or maybe flute?
Chronic: Buy it a foxx fuzz/wah/volume pedal, and let it flop about with a 1970 Fender Precision. It'll be just like Wetton (sans vocal annoyances). Just don't get a fretless. Goldfish are well-known to have poor intonation.

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