Hello from Ireland!

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  1. Hey Hello!
    Having read pretty much everything the site has to offer [thanks for compiling it all so well!] i thought i'd join the forum after lurking on it for quite a while.

    I'm Daveit. A musician, songwriter and 'poet' from Ireland.

    I say 'poet' because my works have more in common with lyrics than the conventions of poetry. However, they are music-empty and as such, i still refer to them as poetry - i hope this doesn't offend any of you! To date i have released twenty of these collections of poems.

    You can view one here;

    I'm looking forward to digging deeper into this forum and look forward to some back-and-forths with you all.

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  3. hard time reading you collection, the font makes my eyes hurt.

  4. Yes, you may want to rethink your layout there.
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