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So, I won't lie. Found this site through the Wikipedia article on Bukowski last night. I was looking for more stuff of his to read... my books kinda got... uh. Stolen. I guess. So I went online, since my local library never does a great job with supplying books of his, and I'm starting to wonder why... anyway. All I found were some sampler sites and they weren't very satisfying, so I figured this forum would be a good place to come to.

I read what I can get my hands on of his, which sadly isn't much... the first book of his that I have read was Pulp, and it's still one of my favorite books... ever. I kind of appreciate someone who can make me change my outlook on a lot of things simply with the words they write. I like to write myself. Poetry, other things. Bukowski kind of made me shift from writing the bs fantasy stuff I did when I was really young to what I do now. Maybe it's just emulating his style? Oh well. It's kind of more satisfying to write things as I would naturally say them other than dressing it up as something it doesn't have to be.

I've used a few forums before. This one had the best agreement policy ever. Eh. What else. Eh. I'm still in highschool? Yeah thats about it.
Welcome johnnyliteral! So the first novel you read was "Pulp". People usually read that one last, because it's very different from the rest of the novels. You really have to know your Buk before you get the full meaning of it. F.ex. some of the characters in the book are aliases for real people in Buk's life.
Anyway, if you have trouble finding (or funding) Buk books, you can start reading some of the many poems on this site if you like as well as the stuff about Buk...
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