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Hi all,
I have normally avoided joining forums but the 'pull' of all things Bukowski has drawn me in. I was originally introduced to CB at a late time, around about 1980 or so. My friend had read "Poems written before jumping etc" I couldn't get a copy, surprise! I did go on to buy a number of his books and my favourite was "Mockingbird wish me luck" But you know with CB you have favourites in every collection. Later I heard a poem of his which spoke of a woman who had been taken by aliens. It really made me laugh but I cannot find out what it was called? Can anybody give me a clue. I also would beg a list of poems that are contained on "Poems written before jumping etc." I have tried googling but I am impatient with that and always seem not to be able to find what I am actually looking for. The thing I like most especially about CB is that in the midst of reading his poems I suddenly find something that takes on a life of its own with a hiss of sound effects and I have the joy of a moment of insight. I hope this doesn't sound too self indulgent but I decided to bare all for this first message. Tom.
Hi Mjp. Thanks for your reply and especially the list. I am beginning to doubt myself about this poem as mentioned above. I was convinced it was CB but maybe I have made a mistake. I heard it as a recording not in print. It began with him saying that she had said she was either taken by aliens or a flying saucer and then at the end he made a really smart turnaround of the facts which was really funny. Now I know that all sounds vague but at the time I was convinced I would find it easy and it has been frustrating not to be able to find it.
Hi Tom. You may have missed the reference but your namesake, i.e. the Welsh crooner of the same name, makes an appearance in Bukowski's 'Hollywood', under the pseudonym 'Tab Jones'. The description therein is pretty much spot on as well.
Hi Bruno, Strangely up until the day before your post I didn't know about Tab. I was looking through some of the old threads and there it was - (Under Pseudonyms). Quite an unflattering description it was too. My mention of Pseudonym was referring to the fact that I put my real photo and name on the site while it might have been wiser to have one like quite a few of them. (A reference to Buk or something of that nature). I could have had "The Buk Stops Here"
Tom's real surname is Howarth or something like that but it isn't the first time I been left with the Tab. It's not unusual.

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