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Hi folks.

I'm Jack from the UK. Been a long suffering fan of the BUK for many years. I look forward to getting some posts onto this site if thats ok with you all. I signed in and agreed to the user agreement page and wasn't sure if I should declare myself a 'non-arsehole':p
Anyways, will be good to get to know you lot.
I'm Jack [...] and wasn't sure if I should declare myself a 'non-arsehole':p

mjp, have you changed the rules?

Forum Rules

In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

Don't be an asshole.

[ ] I have read, and agree to abide by the Charles Bukowski - American author rules.

What are the rest of us assholes/arseholes supposed to do?

from 2001 - 2003 I was Mighty Mouse.
2003 to 2007 are my lost years.
now, I'm Paul Simonon.
next year, Stuart Little.
Greetings Jack, this is great place for Buk fans, unemployed sanitation workers, professional drunkards, ex-pugilists, cantakerous fabulists, common nightwalkers, vituperative stevedores...

Thanks for the welcome bogthing.
An ex-pugilist, semi-pro drunkard, common nightwalker and of course, buk fan seem to fit. There is some interesting discussion here

so I may stay a while
and reign in dust
for the clay breaks
and the whisky settles
while meek


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