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Hi to all. My name is Federico from Argentina and Im 26 years old. I found Bukowski trough tom waits. And found Tom thanks to my father. I always loved things that have their own climate. Stories where you can dip your feet if you are hot or those you can get into if you need to feel the anguish and claustrophobia. My father used to have books by Bukowski and I cant remember why I never read those. Always been a book lover and fell in love with Sartre and Camus at a young age. The first time I heard a Bukowski poem was in a video from "born into this". It was Tom Waits reading the laughing heart. I thought It was amazing and looked for other poems. I had known a lot of things about Bukowski but never really looked into it. I pretty much knew his life for what my father told me and had a lot of details but nothing prepares you to read something that speaks the words the way Bukowski did... 5 minutes later I found "Bluebird" and that was it. This happened recently and in a very strange time in my life that makes me feel identified, but thats another story.


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Welcome aboard, mutant! Yes, "The Laughing Heart", and, "The Bluebird", are great poems indeed. There's lots of Bukowski poetry for you to read here.
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Of course, you are the ghost on the machine, the genius on the gene the beauty on the beast and the sunset in the east :P. Thank you both for the warm welcome. Im new to bukowski but Im willing to learn. Im currently reading andloving "South Of No North" Hopefully Ill find which to read next :D

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Welcome mutantedelorto.
Indeed, a lot to read. Perhaps you could pick up one of his novels, maybe Post Office. Enjoy!

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