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this is Roni from Germany. Been a fan since I was 15, now am 36. Still there's always something to discover in his work.
Hi Ponder, hi Michael, thanks for your kind words.
Talking of great jobs, I'd first think about this Bukowski-site. It's so amazing, what you've collected here!
Welcome, roni! I have'nt read the yearbook but of course I know of the Bukowski-Gesellschaft and their web site. Great job you guys did in putting up a plaque outside the house of Buk's birth in Andernach. I've seen a picture of the plaque - just beautiful!...
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Aber hallo Roni...

You appear to be well known to some of the Forum already, can you (someone) fill me in on what the Yearbook and DVD are? Sounds interesting...

Ich war vor 30 J. in Idar-Oberstein stationiert - Nahewein ein Edelstein - war jung und wild, und hatte damals Bukowski leider ueberhaupt nicht gekannt...nur Bahnof!! ha ha ha

Welcome to the Forum, Roni!!!

Bobby D
Hi Bobby,
that sounds good. I hope our rep is o.k. here?

The yearbook (or Jahrbuch) is the annual publication of the Bukowski-Society. It has a German and an English part.
We collect in it several things around Buk, in the last issue there was e.g. an article about the Huntington-Donation, an interview with Bent Hamer (director of Factotum), an excerpt from Linda Kings (still unpublished) book 'Loving and Hating Bukowski', also Michael (mjp) has contibuted an article (about Buks impact and importance to his fans).

Now since the Buk-Society had it's 10th aniversary last year, I decided to add a bonus-DVD containing several clips from former symposiums of the society (usual around August 16th in Andernach). (Boy, this was a hell of work! Checking the raw material of 39 hours alone took days! Not to mention watching all sequences over and over again during cutting. But seems it was worth it.)

Thanks for welcoming me.
All Best,
Hi, roni. - Is it possible to buy a copy of the yearbook/jahrbuch with the dvd? If so, what's the price and what's the address? - Or is it for members only?
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Hi Bukfan,
sure you can buy it (has a regular ISBN). The price for the book is 16,50 EUR. To send to Copenhagen I'd have to add the shipping cost. (usually when I sell within the EU this is about 3,- / if you have friends in Germany I can send to, shipping is free.)

You can just send me your address via email ( [email protected] ) and I'll send it straight. Another way is: www.bukowski-shop.de (which is me also.)

Michael: I hope it's o.k.? Don't intend to look like advertising here!
Hi Bobby,
that sounds good. I hope our rep is o.k. here?

The yearbook (or Jahrbuch) is the annual publication of the Bukowski-Society. It has a German and an English part.

sadly, I can't read German. Is it mainly in German? How many pages in English, roughly?
Is it mainly in German? How many pages in English, roughly?

I'd guess in terms of pages it more-or-less has been roughly about 1/1. Or maybe only 2/1 (Germ/Engl.).
But it sure depends on your interests since the topics are not the same in each section.
Maybe it would be much better when Another person from here tells you about the worth or not-worth of them for English-speaking people or at all. (I'm not very objective with this as you might guess.)

[We don't have the possies to bring all contributions bilingual (which sure wouldbe the Best). There was only One time, when we had - besides the German and the English part - a Really bilingual one:
That was in the yearbook of 2004, (when I was becoming the editor of this thing). In that one we have in both languages three of Buk's prefaces for other writers (Richmond, Masarik, Fante) plus the interview with Michael Montfort from 'Free Thought'.]

I'd be able to post the index of previous yearbooks as PDF or as a 'listing' if requested.

Love, roni
Hello Roni!

Great you joined in. I appreciate your work very much and think about buying the yearbook.

Greetings from your geographical neighbor (Austria),

Thanks Johannes,
did you know, one of our board-members is an Austrian? Markus Prem, he lives in Vienna.
I've read some of your older contributions to this forum, where you tell about Buk in Germany. Good idea, exchanging experiences between Buk-fans on both sides of the ocean.

Hello to you too, HenryChinaski.

Well, I happen to be the editor of the last 3 yearbooks (and will be of the next one too). That's also why I stated, I'm not objective on this concern to judge about them.
In addition, I happen to run a little internet-bookshop dedicated to Buk ( www.bukowski-shop.de ), so I have the yearbooks on sale of course.

So if you're interested, or have any more questions on details about them, I think it's Best to post this in the thread I already started on the subject ( https://bukowskiforum.com/showthread.php?t=1260 ) b/c when I answer questions there, other interested people can participate on the information.

I'd also agree to post one or two articles in full length to give a glimpse of the style of this thing.

Then, just post (or mail me) which one/s you want to have. I'll go on collecting orders till, say, March 9th. Then send the package to the US (all orders packed and labeled seperately) to get shipped from there to the single persons.

All right?

sounds good to me. I'd like to get all three. I'll check it out and let you know. thanks for the heads up my man.

p.s. that website might as well be in german for all the good it does me.


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