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Hello! I had this horrible depressing day, and went in to the pocketbookshop in Stockholms central station. I saw the frontpage of some translated Bukowskibooks ( never heard of him before, uneducated as i am in the field), but fell for his and his ladies very human and unpretentious looks. I read the cover, both sides and bought one. Do I need to say that my day was saved,( and my life altered). I`m very happy to have the opportunity to be a member on this page. I might not write especially often, due to different reasons. It's a good feeling though, to know that you`re all out there.
With love, Stella!
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Hi, Stella, welcome to the forum! Glad to hear your life was altered when you discovered Buk. He does shine a bright light into all our lives here...
After reading Bukowski my life became an never ending episode of disappointments and despair. But life was like that before so there you go.

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