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I am a huge Buk fan. I spend my time working, writing, and making music. I am sure most of it is horrible.
I am also an alcoholic. At this current stage I am the sort of alcoholic that has curtailed it because it pisses off all the women in my life and they won't shut the hell up about it. Also because I had my 3rd DUI about 8 months ago and I really shouldn't have been driving. I actually feel horrible about that.
I was at an old pals house (20 years) and he has a new woman. We went out to go see some Japanese shoegazer band and I didn't like them. So that is what started the argument. I don't really remember much else but when I came back to reality my pal Don was fending me off with a baseball bat.
When you come to and an old friend is swinging a baseball bat at you it makes you think. I think we were also arguing politics and I think I called his new girlfriend a stupid cunt. Thus I wasn't welcome there any longer and I was too drunk to realize I needed to call a taxi cab.

Anyway, I have decided that I can't really DRINK in public anymore. Advice: Don't get a DUI these days, they are terribly expensive and shitty.

I got turned on to Bukowski back when I was a teenager and saw Barflys. At the time I really saw something of myself in that. Although I should say that I never really felt as fucked as bukowski seemed to feel, I did spend my late teens and almost all of my twenties fucked because I didn't understand anything and I didn't want to.

My collection of his works are mainly the novels although I do have a few other items. I was never really a fan of anyones poetry except my own and I will never show anyone that shit.

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