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Hi there

I'm Joe Roche. I've been reading these forums for a while now and have always enjoyed what I've read so I thought I'd join. I'm 20, originally from Cornwall in England, now in my second year at Kingston University in London, studying English lit and journalism.
Like many here, I'm sure, I want to be a writer and after uni plan on trying to get into publishing or something similar as well as continuing with my own writing.
Aside from Bukowski who I got into when I was about 15, my favourite authors include Coupland, John and Dan Fante, Capote, Ben Myers, Palahniuk, Amy Hempel, Miranda July, Salinger, Hunter S Thompson, Bret Easton Ellis and Mark Kotting, among others.
Well, that's about it, I suppose. I look forward to getting involved.
welcome britrock,

i discovered my first bukowski poetry in kingston, The Last Night of the Earth Poems. i remember that day distinctly. my mate didn't allow for the roof-rack as we entered the underground car park in the company van. happy days.
Yeah, it's amazing. Have you seen her film Me and you and everyone we know?
Yep. Also highly recommended. Saw her do a reading from No One Belongs Here More Than You that was outstanding. Maybe because I was standing, due to the unexpectedly large overflow audience. ;) But really a unique talent there, no question.

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