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Hi I figured I'd introduce myself here since this is hte place you're supposed to introduce yourself. I'm Cavan and I am doing my grade 12 ISU (independent study unit) on Charles's work and figured not only would this be a good place to learn more about Bukowski but also to see how other people have interpreted his poetry.
I picked up Pleasures of the Damned and I'm starting to get really into his work. I hope that this whole thing works out and would love to post the final result in December if anyone is interested in reading it.
Please let me know

welcome baby.
Lot's of work ahead for you.

I'd suggest, you look around and read as many threads as possible (browse or use the search-function - maybe both).

There will be a big lot of subjects found, that may be of interest to you and have already been discussed here. This place is a treasure trove.
Hello, Cavan. "Pleasures..." is a good book for first timers. It's a hodgepodge of Bukowski's other books. Plus a little uncollected material. I'd love to see how your study goes.

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