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Hey there,

I'm new to this site. Just found it today.
Funny/interesting story (or so I think) on how I found out about Charles Bukowski. I am a musician. One of my favorite artists is Dallas Green (City & Colour). His second record is called "Bring Me Your Love." I always loved that titled, so, I researched the origin. Found out it is a collection of poems, or maybe short stories (someone correct me!) by Bukowski, illustrated by R. Crums.
This is how I found out about Bukowski.
I also found out that other bands I like have named records after him. Thursday's "War All The Time" and Chiodos "Bone Palace Ballet."
Interesting stuff, if you ask me.
Bring Me Your Love is a short story.

Yeah, I'm not going to come in here and pretend I know a ton about Bukowski. That's why I said in parentheses "please correct me."
I have really not read much by Bukowski at all, but, I'm working on it.
Ordered several books last week.
I'm hoping to learn from these forms and eventually be able to discuss his works!
That's all good news. I hope you'll stick around.

You'll have to understand if I sounded a little prickly - please forgive me - but a lot of people skate in the forums and skate right out. they "discover" Bukowski and get to know a little bit about him, promote their band or whatever, then the vets around here school them a bit, and then they get bored and they leave.

So if you stick around, that would be great. I'd like to see more of you and talk with another interested reader. That's always great. Looking forward to getting to know another musician/creative person and fan. :) Welcome!

What books did you buy?
Gotcha. I completely understand.
I've been a member of a few other boards for a long time and I see similar things happen all the time.
Didn't think you came off that way at all. Its just a message board, its not real life. haha.

I'll definitely be sticking around!

I bought:
Bring Me Your Love
The Most Beautiful Woman In Town

and tomorrow, I'm planning to order:

Post Office
Hot Water Music

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