hellooooo, never met another buk fan (1 Viewer)

hey im just here to see what kinda people like bukowski, because i have never run into another person who knows of him.. :confused: anyways hello, and i have alot to read still, so any suggestions would be good!! thank you!!
What kinda people are we?

Most of us are alcoholics or ex-alcoholics.
Life failed us all.
This is the reason why we read and re-read Bukowski.
There is a lot of crap in the "all not Buk" section about music,
what's art and so fort. And Kings Of Leon have taken over the forum.

Have you read all the Buk novels?

I'm living in Europe, how about you?
Welcome, yselina!

I probably stand apart from a lot of Buk fans. I don't drink. I've never had a beer in my entire life. I do indulge in a sip of wine occasionally, but very seldom.

So I frequently read Buk with sober eyes.

I read more of his poetry than his novels. But Women is my favorite Buk novel so far.
Welcome yselina24. I think it would be interesting to meet the fans of Bukowski who don't post in forums. They may very well be as Ponder described so well, but they would not want to meet anyone. In fact, they may hate everyone. We may know some of them already.

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