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hello from the netherlands!

i start reading bukowski since a couple of months. i work at a postoffice overhere in holland, and this guy with whom i work said i have to read this book "postoffice" by some guy named charles bukowski. so i did. and damn, i'm not really a heavy reader, but this book got me. not only because i recognize a lot of his writing in my daily job, but the way it's written.. oh hell you guys know what i talk about.
after i finished that book i read ham on rye, and now i'm reading women. hollywood is waiting to be read!
i'm in love.



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Welcome to bukworld, diana.

You have made one hell of a discovery! Plenty to read.

I've been to Holland twice and liked it very much. I even was in a post office once, in Amsterdam, but have no special memories. They are kind of the same all over the world, I guess.

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Random funny that's not that funny: I was watching Jumanjii about two months ago (don't ask me why) and there's this scene where the hunter goes into the gun shop and is being very agressive and virile and it's kind of like, "gimme the best of this, that"... finally the guy behind the counter goes,

"you don't work at the post office do you?"

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