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first of all, im very happy to be here :)
i've never liked reading, but Mr.Bukowski changed that.
i often meet people who don't understand my point-of-view because i usually
look under the surface and beyond the obvious. when im reading Mr. Bukowski's
poems and books i get a feeling like he's talking to me in my own language.
ofcourse, i am absolutely nothing like he was, but im happy i found someone
with whom i can "communicate" in the way i think.

Br. Mr.NoMore
well, since i'm new here, i didn't want to begin by disrespecting the very man
this site is all about

thank you all for the welcomes :)
Hi mrnomore,
Do you know my friend, the writer and Buk fan Henry Denander from Stockholm? If not, check out his website. He also has one in Swedish. I think that this one has links to that one, if interested. Henry is also on this Forum from time to time.

i can't say that i do Bill, but i did check his pages (myspace as well)
i'm not much of a reader (except for Buk of course), which might explain why i don't know him, tho he sounds like a interesting person. i might even read something written by him

thank you
yes it does, tho in my case it just opened one door, the door to the Buk World (so far anyway) :)

Ninjerk, it think Buk would agree with you on that one

thanx for your welcomes
G,day Buk fans. Im from Oz.Have loved everything Ive read of Buks and thought it would be interesting to chat to other fans.
His short stories are my favourite, but Im a big fan of his poetry as well. As for his novels I am still to read "Post Office, "Factotum" and "Pulp" so I cant comment yet.
Im a cook...

they say if you put them
in warm water first
they'll sleep
and when you boil them
they wont feel it

how can we know?

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