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lothario speedwagon
those familiar with kickstarter will recognize this fundraising pitch - but for now, this is only being advertised here. depending on the response, we might open it up to facebook and put it on our online store as well.

the backstory: we need money for some equipment upgrades (buying a scanner, for one), as well as for supplies for the next few books we have planned. we want to try to raise some money up front so we can feel confident buying only the best materials for these books, and not letting financial worries impact the quality of the books we want to put out.

the easiest way to support us, of course, is to buy books! but, we also came up with this little scheme: donate money, and the more you donate, the more you get. some of the below 'rewards' may sell out, because they are already VERY limited - but nothing here will be 'open-edition.' once we close the fundraising drive, we stop making these, and they aren't offered for sale again.

we're not sure how well this experiment will work, since we know that times are tight (that's precisely why we're doing this). but here goes nothing:

donate $10: you get a laser-printed hand-sewn thank you card/prospectus

donate $20: you get all of the above plus an archival pigment-ink printed broadside of a poem by me, signed

donate $30: you get all of the above plus a handmade folder with an offprint from one of our books

donate $40: you get all of the above plus your favorite poem from "a common thread' as a pigment-ink printed broadside

donate $60: you get all of the above plus an archival pigment-ink print of an ink poem by MJP

donate $75: you get all of the above plus an AP copy of either "the confusion will be enough to leave you alone' or "no. 2236 flying wedge'

donate $125: you get all of the above in a handmade hardcover portfolio

the details: we'll keep this open for at least a couple weeks, after which we'll get to work making the rewards and preparing to ship stuff. so there will be a little bit of a wait. send money via paypal to books at chancepress dot com and indicate which reward tier you want.

thanks, as always, for the support. we're not about to stop doing this any time soon - but sometimes you just need a little shot in the arm. -j&j
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lothario speedwagon
you got it!
let us know which of the AP copies you want (steve's book or mjp's) as well as which poem from 'a common thread' you want as a broadside.



lothario speedwagon
this is the hardcover portfolio referenced above. since we only ended up making two, we were able to use some of our more exotic materials, including some neat black paper with a moire finish left over from 'a common thread' and this cool bookcloth we found in a letterpress studio in portland.



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