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I am looking for a poem which even the lines I forget HOWEVER

The poem is about Bukowski talking to an editor who tells Buk to change an ending because it sounds too much LIKE BUKOWSKI HIMSELF. Buk then tells editor that he has enough trouble dealing with such such (throws off a few historic references). Any ideas? I would really like this poem to use in some research.

Dr. Gonzo, the poem you had been looking for is called Let's Be Original. It dwells in The Wormwood Review No. 64 (1976) on page 144.
If you don't have that copy of Wormie, here's a manuscript.
Incidentally, this poem is also recorded on the Underwater Poetry Festival CD (info provided courtesy of Database).

P.S. I hope you're still alive and kicking, after all those years.
Never mind the research.

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