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Looking for a Bukowski story about a sulky jockey who died.
It's a eulogy, and I"m pretty sure the guy's name was O'Brian.
Bukowski really liked the guy, and it's a great piece.
I read it a few years ago but can't remember the name of the story
or the title of the collection it was in. I'm also not 100% sire it was a story. Could have been a poem.
I can't locate it and I want to show it to my son for a paper he's doing in college.
Need it in a hurry.Can anyone help me find it?
Thanks. Anthony


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Anthony had needed an answer to this in a hurry, but it never works that way.
His son (hopefully) graduated a long time ago and now he (probably) couldn't care less about the story his father had been so eager to show him.
However, for anyone still interested, it was not a story, it was a poem called A Magician, Gone... and you can read it if you have a copy of You Get So Alone at Times That It Just Makes Sense.
Even if you don't have the book you can read the poem. Here it is for all the freeloaders/manuscript lovers.

Yet another cold case file is closed.
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