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  1. Hey guys, I once read this great poem by Bukowski that I can't seem to find now, would love your help. I remember it goes something like -

    "The truth

    My girlfriend used to say that I was funny, when I wasn't trying to be funny. When I did try to be funny, she said "Bukowski you're not funny" Then I realized - the truth is so rare that when people hear it, they are surprised and they laugh."
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    It's called "Funny." This is the part you're remembering:

    I once lived with a woman who
    said that I was the funniest man
    she had ever met
    and she often laughed
    when I said something serious.
    "oh," she'd laugh, "you ought to be
    in the entertainment
    but when I tried to be funny
    she'd say,
    "what the hell do you mean by
    that? you're not

    I finally figured it out:
    the truth is the funniest thing
    because you seldom ever hear
    and when you do
    it astonishes you into
    and when you try to be funny
    you often exaggerate the truth
    and that's not funny
    at all...

    Here's another one called "Funny?"
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  3. THANK YOU so much!
    That was so much faster and accurate than I could expect!

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