help me xmas shop (1 Viewer)

i have to get four gifts - maybe six.
i'm not a big holiday person, but it's all in good fun.
i'm just terrible at shopping for people,
so i was just thinking of getting them all a small xmas stocking
with two - or three small bottles of jack (or various), the mini-bar sized ones,
and a gas card for like $10,
maybe $20 for the special one person.

sound good and simple enough?

i'm go back to chewing on match heads now.
best present ever, for anyone (jordan almost got one of these for his b'day, till i had late-stage change of mind):
Not so fast, Slanket lovers: NOTICE: We are currently sold out until the next shipment arrives the beginning of January. We will start backordering for these on December 10th. Thanks for your support and your patience.
I'll be giving the sum toal of...........1...........presents at xmas. I have an 11 year old nephew so he should get one. Everyone else (myself included) can f*ck right off :eek:
Xmas is a major pile, mate. It's traditionally the worst time of year for depression and I think suicides go up as well. Everyone gets stressed out something shocking and they look around at all the seemingly ridiculously happy people and wonder why they're not ridiculously happy themselves and feel all left out :confused:

Besides.........."mickey mouse had no f*cking soul" (alright, not xmas related but wtf. you know what I mean)
fine, everyone gets crack rocks and people still get to be depressed and commit suicide.

quoting bikowski gives every post credibility.
now lets make up our own ideas and opinions,
i don't care for xmas or the religion factor,
but i do enjoy a few people enough to want to care and give a gift to them.

if that makes me hiter,
then i hope you're not jewish.

i don't understand the hate.

thanksgiving is bs,
but if it brings my family together for a meal,
i'm all for it.

i know the history.

howard zinn is a pimple on my face,
please pop it.

the togetherness is more important than
being hateful at history.

i love you, really.
tomorrow will be better.

it's not a religious holiday for me.

"be kind." - charles bukowski (aka, the real santa)
Friday November 30, 2007

Women in Salzburg wishing to shop unfettered this Christmas can deposit their partners at a tent in the city centre, where the men can play computer games, read magazines or drink at a bar. Women are given a numbered ticket that they must present to collect their spouse

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