Help with a poem from the "Born Into This" Doc (1 Viewer)

It's one of the live reads in the movie, about taking a crap at the track and dropping his wallet in the toilet, can't remember the title or what collection it is in.
I must be an internet surfing ding-a-ling because I can't seem to find the above mentioned Back to the Machinegun. How or where can i find a copy of the volumes?
@mjp I notice that you erased my posts but kept up snide infantile comments from skiroomalum and zobraks. Looks like I am not part of the old boys unfortunate ;)
I'm not going through every thread where you pissed on each other. I took out the main one. Deal with it or don't. I'm not a babysitter and I don't owe you an explanation.
it's looking a little obvious to me, that certain members started posting heavily (and empty) after it's been mentioned that you get some of the batches by the number of your posts.
Maybe we should change THAT rule by only counting real contributions.
(of course, this would set me back to 'Prospect' or below too, but it's better than enduring batch-fetching-spam-posts.)
But how does a real contribution look like? Seems to be difficult to assess in many cases.
I don't think that BUKFAN78's posts are empty; not emptier than most others, including mine.
[...] a real contribution [...]? [...]
With my remark at a particular time, I was referring to posts like: "I think so." - "No, you're not right." - "That's what I was saying." - "But you're wrong."
- that's NOT verbatim of course, but equally as unnessesary and was starting at a time just when the connection between the number of postings and the badges came up.
Maybe a coincidence. Anyways, I'm glad it stopped.
The badges, I see...I mean, I don't see...any of them below my avatar!
Guess I've got to post like crazy now.
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