Help with poem where Buk kills a roach named Tommy (1 Viewer)

Can you guys, and groovy chicks, help me find the name of this poem? I'm thinking about becoming a world famous writter and I need this poem as part of my research. I know I've read this poem but I have no idea what the name is. Thank you for your deligence.
Thanks. Wait a minute.....Aren't you the guy who someone once recently claimed that you know too much. Yeah, yeah you're the guy. No, seriously you really are the guy who seems to know everything. Your dedication to Bukowski needs to be commended.

Thanks for helping me with this. Buk sounds so worn out, disinterested, when he says, "Let's take five."
So I looked on the database to see where the above poem might be in print and the link and there's nothing. It's unpublished. What a great clip & poem.
or you could ruin it with this version...

[This video is unavailable.]

...why you do this to us dimmy?

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