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Hello everyone, I am looking for the poem which starts with, as I remember, narrow sidewalks and narrow-minded people, and it was about love, and ends with something like if you are in love, you can not do anything. I am not sure if those are enough but I am very much appreciated for all the help I can get. Thanks


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Seems as if you're looking for a poem by someone other than Bukowski. Maybe Kinky Friedman.

Hello guys. I'm Turkish and I'm translating a Turkish book. There is a part about C. Bukowski's poem, but it's Turkish and I couldn't find it in English. There was another thread about the same poem written by another person, and still no answer. I want you guys to help me find this poem, so I can finish my translation. It's a short love poem; says something like this if I translate a little part quickly: We stopped thinking and tried to love, we said hugging burns us, so we loved love from far away.
(It's also included narrow sidewalks, narrow-minded people, walking side by side.)

Please, you guys, help me to find this. Thanks.
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i'm looking for the same poem and i couldnt find it.
Maybe because
you're looking for a poem by someone other than Bukowski.

I want you guys to help me find this poem...
You should probably go to a general poetry forum or group somewhere. I think we've established that it isn't Bukowski, so continuing to ask in a Bukowski forum might not be the best use of your time.
You are right, but when I search for the Turkish translation I see that the poet is Bukowski so I asked again, maybe some other people know something.

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