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I'm searching for a poem but i don't know where to find it. The main idea is that it's the little things in life that drive people crazy. The big things like cancer people deal with. I believe there's an image of blood in your underpants, a red light in your rear view mirror. If someone knows which collection(s) it's in i would be very grateful or if someone could post it on this forum that would be even better (if that's allowed). Thanks.
Yeah, sorry. I was doing something else for 5 minutes.

Quarles, you can hear Bukowski read "The Shoelace", along with other poems, on the CD, "Poems And Insults". You can get it on Amazon...
Mockingbird Wish Me Luck p. 114

with each broken shoelace
out of one hundred broken shoelaces,
one man, one woman, one
enters a madhouse.

so be careful
when you
bend over.

charles bukowski
You can watch him read the poem and talk about it . He says a shrink wrote to him, agreeing that it's the little things that drive people mad.
Do you know this poem?

I'd like to know in which collection(s) i can find a particular poem. The poem talks of problems: the big ones that people can bear like cancer and the little ones that drive people crazy like working the swing shift at Joe's. I don't know if i'm posting this question in the proper place on the site, i am remarkably computer shy/dumb. ( Do you think Buk would have used a computer?) Anyway thanks for listening.

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