Henry Miller's Famous Blue Robe ... Only $10 Grand (1 Viewer)

Is Brenda the same woman who's with miller in the dinner with henry video? It's kind of disheartening seeing pictures of him at that age, at least he looks content.
The author has a wikipedia page that she clearly wrote herself. Funny how some people get away with this, while others get caught.
I haven't seen "Dinner with Henry" -- need to check that out. She seems to be doing some heavy self-promotion. Take a look at her other eBay listings.
That's her in the video -- thanks, Ponder. I'll be watching that soon. Yeah, apparently she needs the money. Don't we all? Even if you were Henry's biggest fan, would you pay $10,000 for his old blue bath robe? I think she'll be lucky to get more than a couple hundred. Now if it was Bukowski's old bath robe and Linda was selling it -- $500 to $1,000?
well, given that she's asking $500 for a piece of paper that she kissed (with lipstick) and then signed, i'd agree that her pricing may be a little high.

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