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Anyone read anything of his? It's supposed to be gritty stuff but I'm not forking out until I get some reviews as I'm a tight-arse at the moment.:)
Solipsist is my personal favourite, it can be best described as a book of angry prose. However 'Black Coffee Blues' is probably the best starting point as it ties in with his spoken word ditto with 'Smile you're Travelling' its very anecdotal

However if you like me adore Black Flag and the early hardcore scene then 'Get in the Van' is a fantastic read
I have skimmed over just a couple of his books. The first was "Eye Scream" which is a collection of spoken-word/poetry pieces. Looked OK, but seemed very influenced by rap/hip-hop in its meter. I'm not crazy about that style, so its hard for me to say if its a "good" example of his work. The other was titled something like "Grown Man Cry" and was a more expansive, rambling, beat-influenced collection of works that came about after a friend of his was murdered. Vivid, angry and dark - I wanted to buy it on the spot, but didn't have the $ at the time. So that's about the sum of my knowledge of him. I am curious to read more.

Also, he is currently on tour in the U.S., performing spoken-word.
I used to listen to his music but then the fad died out. Then, I saw one of his books and thought, hmm. So here we are and I think I will be picking up the Black Coffee Blues.
Thanks guys
I LOVE Henry Rollins' works. I have everything he has ever published. Strange eh considering that I don't particularly like his solo music (but I like Black Flag).

I think Black Coffee Blues is a good starting point
It made me become addicted to his way of seeing the world (which is not the way I see it, I must add): totally fucked up, so black it's almost purple. Rollins also has a great sense of humour, and there is a lot of irony which is often misunderstood or completely ignored (and here it reminds me a lot of Buk). Once you read that you should try and get hold of a collection of letters written to him by fans, Letters to Rollins, and you'll realise that however screwed over you think you are, there will always be someone who is in a worse situation that you. I laughed out loud quite a few times reading this book. Body Bag is also pretty good; I found it a bit more reflective than the rest of his books. If you like travelling and want lots of diary-style pages chock-a-block with craziness then Get in the Van is perfect for you.

If you are skint, try and see if your local library can order some Henry Rollins material for you through the inter-library loan system. At my local library it costs 50 pence per books or something like that....cheaper than buying a copy for sure.
Once you read that you should try and get hold of a collection of letters written to him by fans, Letters to Rollins

Wow, thanks Milla. This does look interesting, so I'll give it a shot on the Black Coffee. I will certainly check out the Letters to Rollins.
As for costs, I'm not exactly skint, more tight.:p

Thanks again, it's appreciated

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