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Hi all,
I'm Paul from London and have been reading Buk for about 4 years, but only just found the forum (what can I say? I'm a slow learner!).
My Buk timeline is as follows...
Vic Chesnutt ---> 'West of Rome' (song - from the album of the same name)--->Fante (WoR short story and then the Bandini books and everthing else)--->Buk---**General internet ignorance and pure laziness**---->forum
I look forward to future conversations!
Welcome to the forum, WestofRome! From Fante to Buk - great. It's usually the other way around...
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cheers Bogthing.
I see you're from GA - Vics from Athens (well, Florida born, Zebulon raised but lives in Athens) coincidentally! I've been over a few times (friends in Macon).
I wouldnt worry about being behind, nobody's keeping tabs! (well, maybe some Govt department somewhere..)
Vics well worth looking into, the mans a genius (and I know thats a heavy label, but its worthwhile in this case) although you do have to have a certain patience to get into him, but once in, you're hooked. he's very 'unique' shall we say, but a lot of the things that people would dismiss him for, are what make him unique (especially live, where he's prone too numerous f### ups onstage - but I find that a good experiance!), not to mention the mans lyrical ability which kicks me in the ass everytime. Plus of course, without him I'd have been oblivious to Fante, Buk and a few others for at least a few more years!
Anyway, before I get shot down (as this isnt a vic forum, its a buk one!), back to Buk!..

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