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Well, they are posting all our questions/objections so I don't think they are trying to deliberately mislead. Just ignorant... and that's a big club...I'm president of several chapters... just none relating to our CB.
...I don't think they are trying to deliberately mislead.
I don't either, but at some point you have to say, "Okay, I guess this is bogus," and change the description. If you don't, then you are misleading people.

Of course that didn't stop me from buying four other Black Sparrow paperbacks from this guy for cheap "buy it now" prices. ;)
someone will buy this as a real signature because many people don't read past the header. The seller should stamp this "forgery" as I did with some forgeries that I had (Or he could just write it over the signature in pen). That way, I know that they will never be sold as legitimate. We can control them, but when we are gone, our relatives sell them as legit and then they are back in the mix with legitimate items.

I've never seen seen a Buk signature saying C Bukowski...
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Someone that I know very well just let the winning bidder know that they bought a forgery. We'll see. The fact is that anyone with half of a brain would not have bought it once they read all the controversy and the seller posted much of it on the website, which lets me know that the seller is not trying to hide anything, but is convinced that we may be wrong and is letting the market dictate the price. The fact remains. This is a confirmed 100% forgery. No doubts at all. This book should have the signature stamped "forgery" and sold as a great book to read, but not sold as an actual signed book.
bill, what is your qualification to say that? you aren't the chairman of any bukowski societies or anything. i mean, you say it's a forgery, and 100 other people say it too, but i doubt that any of you really know what you're talking about.

seriously, his responses to the questions was high comedy... someone should post them here so they don't go away when the listing expires.
and what is strange is that he did not post my e-mail on the ebay listing. I was not only respectful, but polite to them. I guess that I was just too certain and had too many qualifications. Very strange that they never even replied to my e-mail....

If Bill says it's fake, you can take that to the bank. I think a buyer, in posting many negative comments but continuing an auction, is hoping an unknowlegeable buyer will go ahead and buy it anyway, believing it is, or could be, real. Seems like a form of deception to me. There can be legitimate differences of opinion, but when the overwhelming consensus is that an item is fake, the seller should take it down. Just my opinion.
I too think he should take it down. When many serious and knowledgeable Buk collectors on Buknet tells him it's a forgery, then he should'nt think twice about it. I mean, who else out there would be more qualified to decide whether it's a fake or not?
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