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holy fuck. if i had $3150, i'd be all over that. i've never seen a lettered copy of that book before, and those on this forum know that that particular book is pretty close to the top of my wish list.
Two extremely good deals for two extremely rare items. Quite interesting there weren't more bidders, especially since the last PBA auctions suggested a different trend.
maybe not a lot of people knew about it.

i go there to check out the high quality art scans and searched bukowski on a whim.
glad i could help!

i knew nothing about them - value, rarity etc.

i assumed they were relatively run of the mill items.

No regrets here. ;)

Watching it all go down, I was quite stunned at that outcome. I figured it would go sans vig in the 4s at a minimum. When I pulled auction data back in June 2011, a lettered version of this was not in the database. Maybe this is the first one up for auction? I did notice the listing you linked to above. Seems stiff, especially when the same store is selling the numbered version for $1125 which is right down the abe middle.

I always thought a lettered version of this book was unattainable. I have a numbered version I should probably part with now.

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