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He's Back (1 Viewer)

Christ, me too :>
Thanks Mark.

I'm not dying to sell them.....
I did have a bitch of a time collecting them all.

This will be the last time I offer them,
I've got enough cash (kind of) to take off to New Orleans.....,
Just having fun now,
(but damn it!, keep finding shit that I've got to bid on.....)

But anything for TMF!
Tho, I've actually never sold anything to him....

And egads,
Would somebody please tell me about the British buyers!
Buk shit gets so much there,
And I've never sold to a Brit.
I don't fully understand E-bay, there is a separate Brit version,
But we all swarm together here, too?!

I've sold to Denmark, Australia, Malta,
But the bits offered from the UK and sold to the UK are crazy!,
And they're listed here too....

Feel like I'm missing something major,
But that's not unusuall

(listening to AOL Radio, All Pearl Jam, and liking it too much, and never liked them fans :>)

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