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Hey everyone,

So here's my introductory post. My name is Devon and I'm a writer/poet. Found this forum by accident and am stoked that I did, because you guys seem like an awesome bunch. :-)

Admittedly, I am quite new to Bukowski's writing. What book of his should I read first? What do you recommend?


Alrighty, guess I should've searched a little harder before asking for recommendations, just found the recommended reading thread. *grin*
You'll probably need to add The Roominghouse Madrigals, The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses... and Love is a Dog From Hell to bospress' list. And The Last Night of the Earth Poems. That way, you'll get a fairly comprehensive cross-section of his changing styles.


Early - The Roominghouse Madrigals, most of Burning in Water... (the material from '55-'68, but not from '72-'73) and The Days Run Away...
Mid: Mockingbird Wish me Luck, the '72-'73 material from Burning in Water..., and Love is a Dog From Hell
Late-mid: War All the Time and You Get So Alone...
Late: The Last Night of the Earth Poems

This is probably my "best of" compilation over his entire writing career (which, not so coincidentally, contains almost all of his books of poetry; go figure). There are some other books of poetry that are quite good as well, such as Play the Piano Drunk... and Dangling in the Tournefortia.

I guess my point is: read everything first. :eek:
I like all the original releases but The Last Night of the Earth Poems is a favorite and especially because I think I really started to "get it" when reading this particular one.

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