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...Just thought I'd do a formal intro and all that. It's great to see a website like this, so thanks to whomever put this together. Name's John, and I live just outside Boston; been diggin' Buk since 1987. I look forward to learning some good stuff from all of you, and perhaps throwing a bit back.

Hi all, I'm new to this site and I am very happy to have found it. I live in NYC and am so glad to have stumbled upon all of you. I recently saw "Born into this" and began to read and read and read and now I can't stop.
Welcome to the forum, Lola! Yes, "Born Into This" is a great documentary. You should also watch "The Bukowski Tapes". It's almost 4 hours of Buk being interviewed by Barbet Schroeder (director of "Barfly")...
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It's easy to locate. You can get the DVD at Amazon.com and through various other CD/DVD on-line stores...
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