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notice the last comment was posted by Brad Darby. Of course, it may or may not really be Brad Darby, with the internet being what it is...

Brad Darby "” July 10, 2006 at 11:53 am
I lived next door to Bukowski for 5 yrs. & I never saw him abuse anyone, male or female. I saw him & Linda fight several times & even though I've always liked Linda, she usually started it. Haven't seen Born Into This, but hope to soon, even though the guys who made it ripped me off for some photos. I have some for sale if interested.

I have the feeling it has to do with this thread ;)


Same year, month and week.
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I'm not sure that "darby" is Brad Darby although it seems that he was trying to make it look like he was. On July 10, he posted here saying that he had not seen BIT, but the other person that says that he is Brad Darby posted three days earlier saying that he had seen it and offering to sell photos. Plus, this "darby" who said that his name is Brad asked about what LA was like in the 60s. Brad Darby, who was Bukowski's neighbor would know what it was like having lived there (at least in the early 70's).

It is a mystery to me.

Ladies and gentlemen,


Lt. Bill Roberts

I abused my admin privileges and emailed darbyb to see if he still has pictures for sale. We'll see. I seem to remember trying this once before and getting no response.

But what really sucks is I just had to look up privileges to get the correct spelling.
darbyb is Brad Darby. I emailed him to confirm. I'll probably call him tomorrow. He says he's got a lot of photos he wants to sell. We'll see how he wants to do it.
I sure would'nt mind having one of his pics, if the price is right...
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it always surprises me when people appear so surprised that charles bukowski was human.

and these times we live in, where every single word every artist speaks is analyzed with a microscope, frighten me. everyone is always looking for the use of a word which will allow us to say, 'well he was this or he was that... look what he said about finding a jewish lawyer...' it's like looking for the quick definition of who a person is. something tidy and easy to disqualify or overshadow the talent.

if he wasn't human, flawed, real - it would have all just been bullshit.

i don't know if the point i'm trying to make is coming across, but i did enjoy the article.

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