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bukowski is a fake. the ugly prick had tons of friends, including many famous douche bags. only idiots read his shit. his writing is so fucking simple i could have read all of his work in 5th grade.

to all you lonely cowards out there, get your own personality.

love ya.



If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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Is that word still in use?
Long time no hear.


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Wait, are you calling Michael Chinaski a douchebag? Whoa, Bukowski would hate your guts, man.
haha. they let me back on.
Would you ever consider shaving your arms?


I mean if you met someone you REALLY LIKED?

Your pirate hat is cute, but you should post a picture of yourself wearing your sweaty gasmask.


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Since when are dorks bad anywayz? Don't they make all the green? This guy is a putz, if I may use a MUCH better word. A putz and a wiener-shine.

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