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Well, that's up to you, of course.

The alternative would be to look at what's happening and learn from it. Or I could just say, "Hey Bill Sikes, stop posting off topic shit in topic-specific threads, or, hey Bill Sikes, you can't have a fucking 20 line poem as a signature on every post."

Whichever you'd prefer. The latter seems a bit embarrassing though, if you ask me.
I'll save you time, and go into self imposed exile -o.k?

You prick:)

Bill Sikes; I for one hope that this all blows over and everyone makes up. I know you are a fine person and you may have your principles, but don't make any snap decisions here. As for mjp, yes he is a prick, a cynical prick. So what's new. He is also a pretty darn reasonable guy who is fair. Most people accept that and see both sides of him as there are two sides of you too.
I enjoy your posts and would like to see you stay. If you need to cool down then fine but I vote that you do return and see the good side of a prick.
Every beautiful rose has many pricks. It can be a compliment, seriously.
Can we all get along? Rodney King~
That's what I'm talkin' 'bout
i think the staff of Bukowski.net ought to start their own version of the jonas brothers. could someone photoshop that please?

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